Case study


Buying things is one of the most easy and fun things you can do online, yet selling things is the opposite. HappySale was created for selling personal items in a positive, frictionless way. Users are encouraged to include the story behind their item at the time of sale, creating a unique collection of second-hand goods.

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    This project landed in my lap with an existing logo. The CEO was pretty happy with the previous version but realized that as part of the deep design process, the logo may get a makeover. Redesigning ┬áthe logo, my goal was to bring a more “playful” attribute to the brand.

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    A big part of this project was designing a responsive site, emphasizing on the mobile version in particular. Prior to the hi-fidelity designs, wireframes were created to initialize the structure and flow of the mobile site.

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    Here’s a glimpse at some screens designed for the mobile site.

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