Case study


This project was created while studying at ITP @ NYU in the Intro to Physical Computing class. Abhishek, Songee and I paired up and designed this hydration device after realizing how little we drink when we sit in front of our computers all day.

  • hydrate-case-study-5

    We created our first prototype by carving our design in blue foam. It’s a great material to use for trying out ideas on — it’s easy to work with and affordable.

  • hydrate-case-study-3

    After understanding the dimension and sizes of our prototype, we decided on plywood as the material of our product. We laser cut the layers of the coaster that would later be stacked on top of each other.

  • hydrate-case-study-4

    Each layer was crafted to house and support the various electronic components and sensors. These included and Arduino microcontroller, twenty LEDs and a force sensor!

  • hydrate-case-study-2

    This is what the circuit of prototype looked like before we came up with techniques to house everything inside the finished coaster.

  • hydrate-case-study-1

    And finally, our timeline of prototypes!

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